Help with "reverse elephants foot" problem

Hi all,

I have a Taz 6 and am currently printing a part with Colorfabb HT Clear which is an Amphora HT5300 polymer. The bottom of my parts are tapering inward and I was wondering if any of you may have an idea as to what is going on. Please see the picture below:

The print settings were:
0.5mm nozzle
0.5mm line width
0.2mm layer height
4x perimeter
265C extruder temperature
120C bed temperature

This happened whether I used the cooling fan or not. I also thought that this may be due to the temperature of the bed being too high so I tried printing with the bed temperature at 60C and this was the result:

Thanks for everyone’s time.

What infil percentage was that at, and can we see the STL file? Overextrusion can do that, but usually it will overextrude up, and the perimiters will be ok. Are you writing the perimiters last instead of first and filling in?

piercet, thanks for your reply. It is at 100% infill. The perimeter is printed first before the infill. Please see the picture below of the part I just printed at 85% extrusion rate with all other settings the same.

I will upload the STL file in a bit. I have to head out now. I checked the STL file and the walls are all vertical. Also I am currently printing another test piece with first layer height at 85% and width at 100% instead of 150% and 150% to try and fix the weird looking first layer.

Thanks for your time,