Herringbone Gears / PETG

We’re running faceshield visors to help healthcare workers. My TAZ6 runs pretty constantly. The herringbone small gear needs replacing and so I am just doing the Large and Small set. BUT our university is fully locked down and all I grabbed was PLA and a partial roll of PETG.

I ran the gear set in PETG last night - high detail - (But I messed up the damn infill - I think the infill was only 20 or 30%) - THOUGHTS? Am I going to be okay to run these on the feed system?

Or do I need to print ABS? A friend found ABS that he’ll leave on my porch (social distancing). Looking for some input so we can keep running.


Infill is 78% on most Taz 6 parts that I have had to reprint. Also, the layer height is 0.38 for most parts as well. My numbers may be off a tad but that should give you a reliable part.

I have used PETg for high wear parts but not the gears. I do not see an issue with it. PETg would probably be more wear resistant.