Hexagon heat sink fan direction

Hi all,

I’ve printed a fan shroud to replace the tiny blower on the hexagon hot end. Will I have any issues installing a fan to pull heat away from the heat sink as opposed to blowing air onto the heat sink?

Most likely yes. The volume of air required to pull will be much greater than that required to blow to achieve the same cooling unless you have an airtight setup. As long as the oem blower is cleaned regularly, it is plenty.

Thanks. The OEM blower was definitely working well until it failed mid print and caused the worst clog I’ve ever had. I figured I’d replace it with something more reliable.

There are some shrouds on Thingiverse for this, including one I made for the TAZ 4 that uses a 40mm fan that has 800% more air than the original.

Thanks tmorris. I am using your shroud now and it is working great.