"Home XY First" when Octoprint pauses print


So I had a 3 day long print develop some problems. Sadly it was on the home stretch with a few hours left to go.

I use Octoprint with the Obico plugin to monitor the prints and it also does a great time lapse.

In this instant, Obico detected some layers failing and the print was indeed a lost cause. However, I wanted to see it do a few more layers so I could identify exactly where the failures were happening.

When I had the print set to unpause, the hot end heated up, it jerked slight and stayed still. The screen display showed “Home XY First”.

Now I’m not casting blame on anyone, I am just curious why that would happen?

If anything, maybe from this fail some improvements can be made?

If the motors sit idle for too long, power is removed from them. This helps the stepper drivers survive longer. When power is cut, position can shift - especially if you’re on a microstepped position. The Z on the pro keeps power so the head doesn’t crash down, so it should keep the same position when paused.

You can open a terminal and home just the XY axes with “G28 xy” command, then resume your print, how successful that may be is based on what caused the pause.

Is there such a terminal window on that LCD display? Or would this have to be done from Octoprint’s terminal?

Outside of a print, you can home individual axes on the Pro, but you can do it from the Octoprint server’s page as well.

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