Homing Kittaz sends the head into a bed mount

So after I setup the Z-axis I attempted to home the printer in pronterface. This sent the head into the mount for the glass in the corner of the bed.

So my question is this:
Is this normal, and if not, what have I done wrong?

When I attached the Y-Axis I centered the y-axis frame in the main frame of the printer. In other words, there is an equal amount of y-axis on either side of the frame.

On the front left hand corner of the bed, rotate the bed finger clip clockwise, so that the glass bed finger clip is half on/half off the glass. That should allow for the nozzle to sit in the corner, yet still have clearence.

Thank you for the reply! Turns out that I didn’t have the Y axis assembly positioned correctly. I failed to read a step in the directions correctly and centered it instead of offsetting it to one side.

Happened to me too, following the directions exactly. Even made a jig with the 110 mm and 163 mm distances (per the OHAI kit instructions) marked out.
Fixed as Orias suggests by rotating the clip. It’d be great to put that tip in the kit instructions.

Step updated!