Hoo Hoooo...nGen

So, yeah…unboxed yesterday. Brought in a table today. Fired it up. Printed off the Rocktopus. Brilliant.

So, I’ve been working on a part we’ll actually use. It’s a ‘guide/jig/thingy’ we put on a taper tip for our CA (superglue dispenser). It needs those fins to guide it along spine of plastic to lay a bead. Not a complex part, but it was hard getting the taper right. Calipers and the soft, hollow, thin plastic of the taper tip didn’t agree. A couple guesses. I’d been dialing it in with my previous DIYish kit printer.

The real beaut here is the nGen appears to be inert to acetone. Which is awesome when you’re dealing with CA/super glue. Acetone is the best solvent for CA. We’ll see how it does with the CA. I might have to learn to print with nylon quick. Right now, though…I’m like nGen so far.

Not much to look at. There’s some internal structure. Once I get some time to print some of my more elaborate parts…I’ll share those. Not that anybody here needs the STL file for a bagpipe reed case, but I’m darn proud of it.

Next up is printing the male Luer threads (not much usable out there online for this)…I’ll have to do them from scratch, and doing away with the taper tip altogether.

Excellent CA hack!