Hot end clogged? It is slow and sporatic to extrude

Hi All,

I’m really struggling here to get a consistent and complete print.

Lately I’ve just been using the bed calibration file from Lulzbot to troubleshoot. I’m attaching pictures. At first it appeared that the bed might not be level- I’ve done a lot of work on this and am getting a consistent Z- zero so I’m confident it isn’t the bed being out of level. When I extrude the filament manually in Cura it extrudes ok but is slow to start and seems to flow slow too. Also after running the bed calibration file I am noticing that the hobbed bolt is chewing into the filament, and as you can see from the picture, the bed calibration run isn’t successful. All of this seems to indicate that it might be clogged.

So far I’ve tried doing a few cold pulls but with no luck.

Do I actually have a clog or is it something else? And how do I solve this?

I’m using the Taz 5 with the .5mm Hexagon all metal hot end. With ABS.


bed is not level.

top right corner is touching the nozzle and blocking the flow, which is effectivelly a clog. and then the material can’t move, and so the bolt keeps turning and grinds a divot into the material.