Hot end issue on Mini 1

Needing assistance/advice please. My USB Type B socket snapped clean off the board. So I took it apart and soldered a new one on the board and also used my resin printer to print a support that slips on the opening of the USB. But now, it’s connecting to my computer just fine, and manual controls seem to be functioning properly- but my hot end won’t heat and my build plate won’t either. I’m trying to pre heat them but they are both stuck at 19 degrees c. What’s also weird, is that in cura, it shows that my hot end is attempting to set the pre heat temp at 210 (which is correct and what I want) but underneath where it shows the build plate temp it’s ALSO attempting to heat the build plate up to 210. Obviously neither are hearing more than the 19c- but what’s my first method of troubleshooting?