How is it possible to embed fibers in a 3D print?

Hello community/lulzbot team,

i am interested in 3d printing and would like to embed fibers (like nylon…) in printed 3d models to strengthen a structure with a predictable force flow? Is that possible? What hardware and software requirements are there for this purpose?



Hmm, You could probably do it manually if you were careful, Program a channel in the middle of whatever you were designing, pause the print at that specific layer, very carefully weave your fiber into the channel avoiding the melty bits (i’d probably print a second object as far away from the one I wanted to embed fiber into as possible as a good pause point), then resume printing and hope for the best. You would have to use somehting that had a higher melting point than the plastic you were printing with, and you wouldn’t really get good layer saturation like you might with a cast piece. But yeah, you could do it.