How long did your order take to get delivery?

I wanted to get a feel for how long it takes for most of you that have ordered from lulzbot to get your items?

I ordered some parts and got them in around 3-4 buisiness days. They send tracking info and whatnot too.

With the exception of the TAZ 2.0 3D printer orders are processed within one business day from our 3 warehouses. Orders typically are delivered quickly. At times our shipping email updates can get caught behind junk/spam filters. If you’d like to check on the status of an order you can always send an email to

It’s been 2 weeks now and still haven’t received my order.

I’ve emailed sales now about 4 times and just emailed support and called last week.

Would you mind PM’ing me your order details in addition to the email address used to send your messages to sales@/support@? I’d like to make sure we received your questions. We make sure to answer all messages within one business day. Please keep in mind that TAZ orders will not be fulfilled until some time in November.


I was able to find your order number using your forum info. When you last spoke to us on 10/23, you mentioned that the tracking information did not show any progress since the tracking number was generated (10/14). We opened a delayed order/missing order case with the shipper on 10/23. The carrier, UPS was able to find the item and started a return. The package now has a “Return to shipper” status. I’m checking to see if the order can be intercepted and forwarded to you.

Ordinarily we would then have to wait for the items to be returned and checked in prior to sending out the replacement. I am checking with a colleague to see if we can send out a replacement order to you sooner than that if the order cannot be redirected.

Thank you for your patience!


Sorry I didn’t see this till just now, but looks like you have already found my order information.

Thank you.


I ordered a Buda 2 / 0.35mm nozzle Sunday night and got the package today from Canada Post (standard delivery). Very happy! :slight_smile: