How much offset is normal for auto alignment?

As I am still new to the Taz 6, I’m not sure I will make sense asking but I’ll try.

What I am wondering is, the motors on the left and right of my Taz 6 that control the extruder’s Z axis (up and down if I got that right) are slightly different heights because of the auto alignment.

What is considered a normal amount of offset between those motors before its getting into the “this print bed is seriously too unlevel” area?

Another thing I noticed is when the auto alignment happens, on some of the contact points the nozzle touches pretty close to the edge of the washer instead of further in. Is this normal or can it be changed so it isnt so close to the edge?


Hello Cotton,

The X gantry which is what the tool head slides across, should be within 1mm on the left side of the printer, to the right side of the printer. You can measure from the top smooth guide rail(that the tool head slides across) to the top of the frame on the left and then measure from the top smooth guide rail to the top of the frame on the right. If those measurements are different, then turn the silver coupler that attaches the right Z axis motor to the right lead screw, to make the measurements the same. This will level the X gantry and allow the Z axis to operate more smoothly.

If you need to adjust where the nozzle touches on the metal pads, you can loosen the 4 thumb screws on the Y chassis mounts to move the entire heat bed forward or back in the Y axis. If you need to move the heat bed in the X axis to make this better, then you will have to loosen the Allen screws that hold the Ychassis mounts (holds the Y rails to the frame) and then slide the entire Y assembly to the left or the right to try to center where the nozzle touches and then tighten them back down. The nozzle may never touch exactly in the middle on all 4 pads, but you can make it better.

I hope this helps.

Are you sure about that?