How much stringing is acceptable?

Have been working at this all day - adjusting settings. This is Polylite PLA, printing at 195 degrees, retraction distance 5mm, retraction speed 20mm/s, flow rate at 85%.

What do you think of the attached image? Any thoughts on the above settings?

Thank you


It looks like the objects are quite small, and the issue may lay with not enough time to cool between layers.

A few settings that might help will be the “lift” option along with the “minimal layer time” setting. This will essentially lift your print head away from the object until the minimum layer time setting is reached, giving more time to cool.

Another option to try will be printing multiples of your model on the same build plate. The travel time between objects will give more time to cool.

We hope this helps!

Brilliant, thanks. Am getting my Pro tuned in. Am liking this printer.