I'd like to fine tune my HIPS.

Hi everybody :smiley:

I have a Taz 4 and some HIPS, Ninjaflex and LaywooD. I haven’t use the LaywooD yet. I had great success with my HIPS in three prints, then I got a clog, and subsequentally broke my nozzle off with a wrench, but that’s not why I am here… I am here because I was looking for advice to fine tune my HIPS prints. Perhaps there is no need, but I’d like to produce the best finish I can, so I gotta at least try, right?

Well, I printed a few lens cap holders for my DSLR, and loved the results. I am using an Elmer’s glue stick as a catalyst for adhesion of the first layers, and it is working very well.

Print specs:
.35 tip
Head: 235C
Bed: 85C

I am using Slic3r to generate my gcode.
I am using the Slic3r Config with support off, for HIPS and 0.22mm layers.

My question is basically: Can I expect to get a better surface finish with a slower speed, or a smaller layer height?

I have read each will produce a better finish, but have yet to try. I ordered 2 new nozzles so when they arrive I’ll be back in business. I’d like to print this root planter I got the .stl file for from Thingiverse. It got half done before my clog, which I believe was due to a small piece of tape that I did not see on the filament reel. (Live and learn). The finish isn’t bad, but could it be better? Have any of you seen smoother finishes with slower speeds and HIPS? How much slower did you make the adjustment? Did you alter the layer height? If so, to what?

Thank you in advance for any replies. I plan to print pretty much around the clock once my new tips arrive.