Impossible Gear

Someone can help me, in the download list I found an impossible gear, but the file is one piece. Does anyone have this file in separate parts? I need it to print the pieces individually.


Hello Ernesto,

The impossible gear we designed specifically as one piece, to show how soluble support materials work. We have never created this file in separate pieces. If you would like to modify the blend file, you can find the source here:

Blender is a powerful program, and can be a little intimidating at first. It is very well documented, and a great place to start will be here:

We hope this helps!

Hello Ernesto,

I went ahead and created my own gears and plate which can be printed out separately. Here ya go.

Gear_spn_gears.stl (2.84 MB)
Gear_spn_FF.stl (250 KB)
Gear_spn_BF.stl (110 KB)

I love the color, to feminine.