Inadequate hot end heater power (Mini 1)

Mini 1. Hot end can’t maintain 280°C when printing at 60 mm/s. Drops to 253°C within a minute or two of when the first layer is done. 60 mm/s is the default flow rate from the standard ABS-PC profile, but the printer in stock form can’t actually manage it. It also takes a quite long time to reach 280° for that first layer, which prints slowly enough that the heater is able to maintain the temperature initially.

I experimented with slower printer speeds to no avail. The other thing that happens in the standard profile after the first layer is done is that fan goes from 0 to 100%. The printer does the first layer with the fan completely off. Cutting it to 20% doesn’t quite do it (265°C at 30 mm/s). I guess I’ll just set teh fan to 0% for printing all layers and see how fast it can go. This is crazy. Who came up with these profiles?

For future reference, is there a higher power heater cartridge and heater driver circuit available? I haven’t had success finding one on line.

I see the M301 command is for modifying the PID parameters to compensate for the faster heat transfer rate.

Can this heater be used?

Assuming the MOSFET is beefed up, does it fit the heater block? and can the power supply provide the extra current for a 65W cartridge?

I think you would need a higher wattage supply.

Do Lulzbot engineers not monitor the forum?