Initial Layer Changes

Does anyone have suggestions for getting the Taz 6 to print a thicker layer? We keep getting strands that pull off the edge of the printed object that are part of the part. The cross section of the bottom layer is circular rather than ovular and provides less of a bond between strands and between the strand and the plate bed. One idea was to lower the head height, but I’m still trying to figure out how. Another alternative would be changing the speed of the extrusion, but I’m unsure of how to do this part also.

Daniel J.D.

Your Z Offset needs changed which is in the Advanced Settings in the Configuration Menu on the LCD.

Or if you’re connected by USB, you can use the M851 gcode command to change it. Then use the M500 gcode command to save the new setting in the on-board flash memory.

M851 - shows you what its current value is on the control console window.
M851 Z-1.XX - sets it to the value you want to change to.
Then M500 - to store the new value