Innofil/Ultrafuse PRO1 on TAZ6

Hi All,

Does anyone have a good profile for printing Innofil/Ultrafuse PRO1 filament on the TAZ6? My lab is hoping to create something that is autoclavable. We’ve heard good things about this filament, we just want to get it right. If you know of any other autoclavable filaments, please let me know as well. Thanks!

~ Matthew

What temperature does the Autoclave reach? My guess is you are going to need something up in the PEEK / Ultim temperature range (550c) to avoid a glass transition temperature range in the autoclave operating temperature. A stock Taz 6 will not print that high without modification, such as adding a thermocouple in place of the stock thermistor, a higher temperature hotend (possibly with water block cooling), a dedicated enclosure, etc. It’s not an easy ask by any means.


I don’t think that material would be autoclavable, if I’m looking at the right material. I know that 3D-Fuel has a couple of annealable PLA materials, including their Pro PLA which also has a higher impact toughness than ABS

Most are somewhere around 135c

In that case you would be safe using Polycarbonate, you might be ok with ABS, it would just be starting to soften at 135c.

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