Installed TAZ 6 Filament Runout Sensor. Have homing problem

I’ve installed the TAZ 6 Filament Runout Sensor. The with the aerostruder firmware installed for when it goes to the home position the Y axis stays full forward whereas the nozzle will miss the home plate…

If I install Moarstruder firmware profile it homes just fine.

The Taz 6 runout sensor is designed to be used with the Standard Taz 6 tool heads as well as all the current tool heads that use the universal mount with the exception of the SK175 and SK285 (Sidekick only).

Are you saying it doesn’t work with aerostruder?

It does not work with the Aerostruder or the Moarsturder. The firmware that has the runouts sensor in is the universal firmware that allows the user to switch tool heads without having to re-flash the printer with tool head specific firmware. I believe that you will need to have firmware version universal for the runout sensor feature to be used on the following tool heads: Standard, SL, SE, HE, HS, HS+, M175v2 and H175.

When installing the runout sensor, you unplugged a connector from the X-max on the control board and that is where the runout sensor is connected to the control board. The connector that was unplugged was for the limit switch that is on the Aerostruder.

Ok… not going to solder the thing back together. It’s maybe time to retire it and move on then.

Thanks for the help!