Instead of using 3M tape for PEI

What do you think of Permatex #85915

This is a spray adhesive good to 600°F.

I figure put a super-super light coat of this spray adhesive on the glass and apply the PEI. Seems ALOT easier than dealing with tape. It’s slow drying, but hey it’s 3D printing. Everything in our world is measured in hours anyway lol.


Tried it, it does not work. Believe me - the 3M tape is the best and most cost effective and easiest to apply solution. Why buck the system?

The issue with this spray adhesive is although rated to 600°, it becomes gooey at much lower temperature and the PEI will peal. It is intended as a gasket adhesive where the gasket is compressed between two metal surfaces, preventing the gasket from moving.

Ok too bad. I hate tape.

It’s not too bad.

Seems like a high temp adhesive would be easier than tape. McMaster-Carr has a tube for $6 that seems like it would work . McMaster-Carr P/N: 7327A21.

The tape is designed to affix one surface to another. If you can find an adhesive that does that with the required temp properties it will likely work. All of the adhesives I investigated were of the “gasket” type where the item is sandwiched between two surfaces (metal). Certainly let me know if you find an adhesive that works!

Will do. Thanks for the help.