Interaction between T0, T1, M114

I just installed a dual extruder on my TAZ 6 and was having a problem with the calibration print using Cura 2 Lulzbot Edition beta and Marlin which led me to perform the following experiment. First, I installed and switched to Cura 21.08. I then issued these commands manually:

(home, set absolute, auto-level etc.)
G92 E0
G92 E10
M114 ;Show position of first extruder
M114 ;Show position of second extruder

Since the description of M114 says “Get the current position of the active nozzle. Includes stepper values”, I expected the first M114 to return E0 and the second M114 to return E10. Instead, both return E10.

Since the test/calibration print works (in, I’m assuming that the Marlin firmware is properly maintaining the E values for each extruder internally. I just can’t see it on the outside. Are there other commands I should be using?

The test/calibration print “fails” in as the start gcode retracts both extruders, wipes, auto-levels, and then attempts to reset both extruders back to zero. T1 is successful, T0 doesn’t move. The T0 portion of the first layer is printing air for a quite a while before the filament actually reaches the nozzle again. I’ll report this as a bug as soon as I develop some confidence in my method.