Interesting paper on Particle emmissions from Lulzbot filliaments

Someone posted a technical paper over in the reddit forums about what different filliaments emit at what temperatures, and about half the filliaments they used in their test were from Lulzbot. The results were pretty much in line with what you would expect, ABS emits more stuff and smells funny, etc. But they have some pretty neat spectrograph breakdowns about what is in the various filliaments, in what quantities, etc. (page F)

They are more concerned in the paper with air quality, but I found it particularily interesting the different composition breakdowns of the different filliaments still just within the ABS category, which somewhat confirms my long held theory about filler material in cheap filliament, and also explains the variance in melt temperatures. It’s interesting in particular that the two I’ve had best results with on the list Lulzbot ABS and Makerbot ABS have much higher actual plastic content than the one I had the worst results ever with, the XYZ ABS.

I have good ventalation and an exhaust fan so I’m not worried about the other aspects.