Iris box print?

I’m trying to print a nice pair of iris goggles (, but I can’t get the iris box to come out functional. I’m using my Mini, with Verbatim PLA, and while the print comes out looking very clean, every time I try, I get a non-functional iris.

Cura seems to be eliminating details, like the “tabs” on the bottom, holding in the petals. When I loaded up slic3r with the latest PLA medium profile, then adjusted for a 0.2 layer height, it does the tabs, but the iris still refuses to open.

Any tips on how to print a functional iris here would be greatly appreciated. I can change the material if necessary.

Hello spotrh,

I am not totally sure on this one, but part of the problem may be that there are over 800 manifold errors in the eyeball goggle and eyeball goggle mirror files. Here are a couple of repaired files, but, I have not tried to print them. It may be a starting place. Hope this helps
eyeball4_goggle_mirror_fixed.obj (3.63 MB)
eyeball4_goggle_fixed.obj (3.63 MB)

Thanks, but I tried the cleaned model, and it doesn’t print functionally. I think perhaps the Mini just can’t hit the tolerances needed for that model. :confused:

I decided to rise to the challenge, but so far haven’t gotten a functional print either. I tried PLA at 0.25mm layer height, and was able to break free most of the pieces but it’s unclear what’s still getting stuck. I might try again at 0.14mm with a transparent PLA so that I can see what’s going on.

Thin layers, lots and lots of fan is going to be key to that one. That and having your printer dialed in literally perfectly.

The creator was printing with a smaller nozzle size (0.4) than the Mini/TAZ use (0.5), I’m wondering if that makes it easier.