Is anyone a bit frustrated buy this?

I ordered my Taz 5 back in April of this year. I decided to go with the Taz 5 based on many factors. One major factor being that they said they would have the NEW dual head completed and ready to ship with in a few weeks (I think they said around 2 months) of my purchase date. I wanted & NEED a dual head printer to supplement the use of my Stratasys Dimension SST1200 ES. STILL WAITING! this sucks! I now have a project I need the dual head and I’m stuck with single head printing. NO I don’t want to use the older dual head they have available now. I was told by them the new one would be all metal hot end.

Im pissed!! Anyone else??? :imp:

Sorry to rag, I do like the Taz 5, very happy with it but really pissed about the dual head situation.

It is frustrating but I am much more satisfied knowing they are testing it and making changes to release a good product rather than just throwing something out there that I am going to have problems with. When you are spending about $500 on a add-on you expect it to work well. So in that case I am happy waiting.

Nope, because I know that I can just make my own from the parts if I don’t want to wait.