Is Cura LE 3.6.21 still "experimental"

The subject line says it all. It is now about 5-6 months after 3.6.21 came out. Is it still experimental for the Windows 10 platform?

I haven’t seen any active development going on in their new gitlab repository yet, they might be focusing on their covid response at the moment.

When was the last gitlab repository update? I wonder if their downsizing affected Cura LE development?

Looks like 2 months ago. There is only one current member; with no past activity.

Wow, it appears there is NO active development of the next generation of Cura LE?? Does it usually go like that, in fits and spurts?


Aleph had an entire team working on it daily. Fame may not have hired or set up a new team yet after the acquisition this winter; not sure.

Ha! It shows me how out of touch I am! I knew Aleph was looking for a buyer. I didn’t know they found one!