is it normal for the x stop to be beyond the bed?

Is it normal for my x to stop past the right side of the bed?

I drew a red line about where it stops.

On the left side, it stops just short of the bed (which seems normal):

You may see in the first picture that I slightly melted the top of a clamp when leveling the bed with the nozzle heated (overshot when I clicked in pronterface and didn’t look up for a minute). Also, yes, my nozzle is filthy. Don’t judge me!

Nope. That’s way low. Either a bad switch or something is not adjusted right.

The Y axis stage can be moved over by about a 1/4 of an inch if you prefer, by loosening the Y axis mounts and sliding them over while keeping them aligned.

@piercet - I’m talking about the x axis.

@Orias - Yeah, saw I could but wanted to check on what was “normal”. Maybe it got bumped out of whack like my x-axis rods did. :smiley: Thanks!

I moved it over and now the nozzle is exactly on the edge of the bed when homed and at maximum travel. Thanks again.