Is it possible to raise the Max Bed Temp?

I’m trying to print PC and it warps like crazy with the factory set max bed temp at 120°C, even with and enclosure and fan off and using Wolfbite Mega on the bed. I have gotten it to print setting the bed temp to 140°C and it worked fine, but still slight warping. I tried increasing the bed temp to 145°C and it print fine for few prints, then Octoprint shut down another print half way through with a Bed Temp Error.

Is there a way to change the Max Bed Temp in the firmware to allow it to print at 145°C? I’ve watched it closely and have printed a number of times at 140°C with no problems or overheating issues, so I think the printer (Mini v1.03) can handle it.

Pretty sure this is a parameter when building the printer firmware… so probably not readily possible.

Here’s a few tricks I’ve tried to help with ABS (no enclosure):

  • Let the bed warm longer for a more consistent platform temp.
  • Use a brim when slicing to help limit air from seeping under the print.
  • Short wall around the object. Easy to do with a multiple layer skirt, or short ooze shield

Hope one of those help…

Thanks for the tips. I did some poking around in the firmware for different Lulzbot printers and it looks like 150°C is the max temp trigger point set for all of their printers, with a 5°C buffer zone. I could adjust that in the firmware, but I don’t really want to push it past the area of safe operations. So I tried setting the first few layers at 145°C and the drop it down to 142°C and did some big prints and they came out fine. So as long as the bed temp doesn’t spike over 5° (and it usually doesn’t) it avoids the Max Temp setting and works like a charm. I also went with putting a raft on large prints and that also helps a lot. :wink: