is lulz bot working on a flexystruder v3?

I really wanna know if there are any talks of an upgrade to the flexystruder I really cant wait for a newer and hopefully faster tool head to come out.

Well… V2 just came out, and it took them over a year…

FWIW, I think the speed is a limitation of the filament not the extruder.

fair point but I can print a part with ninja flex on the v1 in 15hr. yet on the v2 it takes 23hr. so there are improvements to the speed at which you can print the filament.

There is an alternative one.

Copy your V1 profile, and modify to reflect a .6mm nozzle. Slice and check print time. Then print on the Flexystruer v2…

Seems like there is some difference between the two machine profiles… Guessing its layer height or print speed settings.

Thats because of the change from budashnozzle to all metal, the melt zone is smaller. You could bump the temperature up but theres health issues at temps above 230 for ninjaflex.

I found this document covering this.

What is your reason for not using the v1? If your reason is to avoid flashing the firmware back and forth, just fit the V1 with the new heater and thermistor. I upgraded my V1 flexystruder this way and have not looked back.

thanks for the replies ima try the thingavers head it seams interesting. I have had great results with the v1 except for one small issue for some reason I have blown the heat resistor multiple times and I feel like I have to change it once every two months but its still worth it for now just because it prints so fast but , I only have two v1 and one v2 but I have four printers and I am really just looking for a more reliable extruder than the v1 but also faster than v2. but ill definitely try printing out some different heads and tell you how it goes.