Is there a way to setup a print completion alarm?

I have a Taz 6 and am currently printing some larger parts. They fairly often they complete while I am sleeping and remain on the build plate for a long time. I believe this is causing the edges of the print to warp. So I was wondering if there is some way to get an alarm to my phone so I can wake up when the print is done so I can get it off the build plate.

If you’re using something like OctoPrint, there are plugins for notifications to be sent many different ways. The print estimates in Cura LE are pretty close, so setting a timer for that estimate +10minutes should wake you up at the right time.

That said, staying on the heated build plate should not cause warping, but if you’re not going to be using the printer after a plate, you can turn off the “keep heating” option in Cura.

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