Is this what "wet" filament looks like?

I have some parts I sell and print quite a lot of. I have the same parts with the same gcode that I have run over and over without changes to the stl/gcode since Dec 7.

I had not printed a run in a couple of weeks and suddenly they started coming out horribly! (see pics)

We had a week or two of really icky humid weather but cool enough I was not running the AC.

  1. Is this what it looks like when humidity gets to your filament?
  2. If so, I did not realize a roll could go bad so fast!

For this, I use Gizmo Dorks PLA

Just for comparison a prior run…

No! No, it has nothing to do with humidity in the filament. I broke open a brand new factory sealed roll and it does the same thing.

Has anyone seen anything like this unholy mess before to give me an idea at what to look at/look for?

It’s most likely fan related, over extrusion, or overtemperature. I’ve heard Gizmodorks pla can require lower than normal temperatures, but I’ve never tried it myself.

Regarding the fans I turned the fan to 100% after 4mm in cura- no difference. They are running and I hear them step up the speed after 4mm

On the yellow, the nozzle temp is set the same as it has always been, 190 however I did go down 5 and up 10 seeing if it made any difference. It did not.

Regarding over temperature- Could this be a failed thermo couple issue? I know they do fail but I do not know what the failure mode looks like.

Let me go do the 100 MM extrusion test again.

Usually a failed thermistor will either be completely broken, so it isn’t reporting anything, or partially failed so it is reporting that the printer is reaching higher temperatures than it actually is attaining, because the overall resistance of the thermistor is raised. You should also consider swapping your extruder cooling fan if this is one of the ones with the small “squirrel cage” extruder barrel fans. It’s also quite possible the main cooling fan you have on 100% isn’t as powerfull as it was last time due to fan damage.

Overextrusion remains a possibility as well

It was. Not grossly though. (?) On the 100 mm test I was extruding 103 MM. I also checked the Z offset and fine tuned it (it was .412 instead of .425)

Then I printed the part again. No joy!

When you mentioned fans earlier I assumed you meant the side fans. Now that you have me thinking extruder fan I started paying attention to it. I think you are onto something there! It is spinning but I tested it with a strip of tissue paper and it won’t even pull small strips to the fan. Then if you cover the fan with a 40 mm square of tissue (kleenex) it will not hold it against gravity- It will fall off. it seems very weak! I am ordering replacements now.

Thank you so much for your help!

You’re welcome! Those fans are known for partial failure where they spin, but have no power anymore to move air, so that could be exactly what you are running into.