Isis3D Printer with Budaschnozzle

Hey guys,

Don’t know if you’ve heard of these newcomers.

They say their printer’s hot end is a Budaschnozzle (and we can somehow see it in the small pictures on their website)

I was wondering if they’re purchasing them from Lulzbot or producing them themselves?

In any case they’ve kind of ruffled a few feathers in their heavy handed way of marketing their printer. They even posted an announcement on the MendelMax Google Group… :unamused:

Looks like the hot end is not the only Lulzbot bit on that printer. :smiley:

The Z nutspring in the screen capture is actually the one from the TK-0 from last January, it may have been changed since then.

The Isis3D “source” files (STL actually) are here:

Is it me or the leadscrew seems very far from the Z smooth rod? That part does not look very sturdy to me.

Discussion topic over at the RepRap forums:,236898

I didn’t look it up or anything, but their Buda in the photos appears to be a genuine one, not a clone.