Issues printing w/ 0.25 mm nozzle


  • Printer and tool head type - TAZ 6 / Aero e3d V6 with 0.25 mm nozzle
  • Filament Manufacturer and Type - Hatchbox PLA
  • Cura Version, Firmware version, Material Profile, and Quality Profile, or other slicing program - Print speed 30 mm/sec, permeter speed 20 mm/sec, layer height 0.20 mm
  • Pictures of the issue/component in question - see below
  • What were you attempting when this error occurred? - printing a keychain
  • How were you attempting this? (USB Cable, SD/USB stick, Online Solution?) - sd card


Here’s a couple of guides that have helped me figure these things out. I usually work with the worst ones first to the least concerning, one by one. l’d start with the side layer issue, then stringing and finally the top scaring.

Thanks. I did not find the answer to my printer’s problem in those documents, but they’re a good reference for the future. I did two things to solve my problem and start getting beautiful prints again and I’m not sure if one of both things solved the problem because I did not try a test print after doing the first one:

  1. I did a PID tuning of the hotend with M303 E0 S210 C3 because I’m printing PLA at 210C. The C3 s/ give me 3 cycles, but I wasn’t watching the whole time so I don’t know if that happened. My new Pk Pi Pd values had a big enough difference vs the stock values in the Lulzbot Marlin firmware that could cause my hotend temp to fluctuate which could in turn cause the issues I was seeing.
  2. I noticed the x-max endstop wires at the extruder connector / extruder-mount harness connector seemed like they were being pulled tight. I could actually get x-max to trigger if I tugged on its wires a little bit. I removed the x-max endstop wires from the connector and untangled them from the other wires, then reinserted them into the connector and now all the wires have a little slack in them. It’s possible the overly tight wires caused a spotty connection causing intermittent issues when printing.

Woolah! I’m back in the printing business!

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