Issues with Pause

I’ve tried Pause at height, as well as Pause at layer plugins, and while both will pause for me, when resuming, it seems the bed leveling is not accounted for. The XY line up perfectly but upon resuming, Z tends to drag along the print in some areas while being slightly higher in others – correlating to the general slight tilt of the bed not being accounted for upon resuming. Is there a fix for this?

This behavior really shows up on a wide flat object like a 100mm (x) x 100mm (y) x 5mm (z) box. I’ve used the manual ‘pause’ button successfully, but the plugins lose the Z leveling.

Anyone know what the “Pause” button does exactly so maybe that could be a plugin instead? It would really be nice to be able to not have to watch hours long prints to do multi-color.