Issues with Pronterface motor control

I just received my new Taz 4 and i am having some issues. I am unable to control the X, Y, and Z axis through Pronterface interface. I can “home” the X and Y axis in Pronterface, but i am unable to jog X and Y the specified increments. This issue is preventing the initial bed leveling. When i try to jog the X or Y axis, i hear the motors doing something but nothing moves. Does anyone have a suggestion. Also, i have no issues when jogging the X, Y, and Z via the LCD controller.

Sometimes with Prointerface you have to home all three axis using the home button before it will let you move things around using the prointerface window. Try hitting home first then see if it will let you move anything.

Homing all three motors did not fix the issue.

i just figured it out. i accidently changed the x/y feed rate to 5mm/min, so the motor was moving so slow that looked like it was not moving.

Aha, that would do it! Glad you got it figured out.