J-Head mount for the TAZ

After some thrashing about, I finally got this done.


It’s been tested to fit the Aluhotend and the hotends.com J-Head.


Very cool!

Unfortunately, it’s fundamentally useless. :frowning:

Because of how the Z end-stop switch & adjustment screw are positioned, the best I can do is 1/2" short of the bed surface with an Aluhotend. :frowning:

The GOOD news is that the extruder feeds 1.75mm nicely!



Hmm. I think the Hexagon is shorter as well, think this mount could be modified?

What is it?


I had the same problem on my AO-101 on Monday! :open_mouth: The x axis assembly bottomed out against couplers before the j-head hit. I can’t mount it to the bottom of the the current carriage and my existing hotend melted so I have to find someone to print me a new x-axis carriage.

It’s this:

Ahh, ok. Nah, that wouldn’t solve the issue.

If I find the time over my vacation, I may spin a new rev of the mount that includes a filament guide tunnel and an extended face that dips below the X car on the TAZ. I’ve got to find a round tuit and fuel for the Givvadammatron first. :slight_smile: