Just destroyed my build plate >_<

So I was printing a rather large build on my mini the other day, but when I went to pull it off it really didn’t want to come off the plate. I went back later to get the excess off, only to realize that the filament wasn’t on the build plate, it was embedded in it! :open_mouth: Going back it looks like when it went to level the extruder, there must have been some excess filament on the tip, meaning that it went too low when it was printing. So, I’m down one build plate but I’m wondering if anyone has any advice how to avoid this in the future.

Also, if it’s any help, I had been having a problem with filament oozing out of the hot end when I started up my printer for a while and had to keep wiping it away (and even then it would gum up the hot end and throw off my builds).

So…any helpful advice from non-idiots out there? :blush:

Filament oozing can be caused by the temperature being too high or not enough retraction (or a combination of both).

The hardest layer to print is the first one. While there are numerous factors at play, the Z-offset is often the most important. If it isn’t correct, then the filament can be too squished or not squished enough. From the picture you posted, I can see the wiper pad and the leveling washers. You should have start gcode at the beginning of every file that will clean the nozzle and auto level the bed. As long as the nozzle starts clean (and there are numerous posts describing how to clean it (using non conducting tools like a Scotchbrite pad), the start gcode auto level should successfully determine where the bed is.

It is hard to tell from the picture you posted if the image left by the previous print is flat or not. Some fine grit sandpaper (1600+ grit) and block with some diluted alcohol can be used to restore the surface if it isn’t too bad. I believe the glass has a sheet of PEI on it and if so, the PEI can be replaced.

I’d suggest that you call LulzBot support. They are very helpful and can talk you through whatever is needed to get you printing again.