Kapton or painters tape use on the mini.

I have yet to try ABS on my mini, but have read from others about using kapton or painters tape to improve adhesion. How is this done with a self leveling table? Do I need to tweak the Gcode to compensate for the tape thickness?

I’ve done a couple of prints in ABS and never had an issue with adhesion. Bed temp of 110, prep by wiping with an alcohol pad and it’s adhered fine. I have had some slight warping but no issues with actual adhesion.

The PEI surface on the mini works EXCELLENT for sticking ABS. Just make sure you remove the part when the bed is 60C for easiest removal.

Yep. Skip the kapton, painters tape and ABS slurry… The PEI is much more optimal for adhesion.

See the post I started about problems with the mini and I don’t use any of the above. The part started sticking with the changes and now I am almost to far the other way!