Kapton or painters tape use on the mini.

I have yet to try ABS on my mini, but have read from others about using kapton or painters tape to improve adhesion. How is this done with a self leveling table? Do I need to tweak the Gcode to compensate for the tape thickness?

ABS should stick great to the PEI bed. Much better than kapton or painters tape.

The problem I have with ABS is getting it off the bed. :wink:
ABS seems extremely reliable to me on the PEI bed.

Adjust the nozzle height to vary adhesion. With the autolevel systems, the only option is to use software. The z-offset g-code setting in slicing software allows for this. Use a positive number to raise the nozzle and negative number to lower the nozzle. A .1-.3 typically helps with object removal.