Keep heated bed cable out of the way of the back frame piece

A quick attempt at a “thingy to keep the heated bed cable from getting pinched by the frame and the bed mount plate” part. I’ll print it here in a minute. it’s designed to slip onto the bed plate, then secure to the cable using a zip tie. I may need to narrow the slide gap slightly depending on how tight the fit is. We’ll see. Other option would be drill a hole and use a screw to secure it. But I kind of want something that will fit existing printers without too much trouble. This will fit an A0-10x series for sure, it may also work for a TAZ. But I don’t have a TAZ so I dunno on that one for sure.

Made a thingiverse thing for it too.

bedcable_1a.stl (55.1 KB)
bedcable.dwg (46.6 KB)

Works great!