Kittaz connection

Hello all. I recently put together the latest kittaz printer. I installed the driver, used pronterface, and everything worked. The next day after doing nothing else to it I tried to print again. This time it pronterface would not detect the printer. Following this I checked out the drivers. The windows hardware manager had the printer listed as unknown. I tried to reinstall the driver the same way, but this time windows said driver not found to both the web search, and when I manually told it where it was. I am using windows 8.1, and the rambo driver with the sign. I then tried to use pronterface with my Linux machine. When I connected it to my linux machine it did not even show up as connected (not listed as a ACM file). I have power cycled both machines, and tried turning the printer on / off, etc. Any one know what is up?

Contact support at or call 1-970-377-1111 and they can work through it.



Drivers installed and connections are made!