knocking sound

I have an intermittent knocking sound coming from around the print head area.
Any ideas what could cause this?

check the teeth on your plastic gears, especially the small one, also check the setscrew.

You may be hearing filliament grinding due to overextrusion or nozzle too close to the bed too.

The gears look good. Where is the set screw?
I thought about over extrusion.
I’m using red T-glase for the first time. I have used clear before and don’t remember any knocking.

the setscrew is in the side of the small gear.

Ok. I’ll check it when the print is done.

I upped the temp and I don’t hear any more knocking.

Still knocks.

Hold your finger lightly on the Z axis screw on the power supply side. Can you feel the knocking in that shaft while it’s printing?