Lay Flat Command

I am using Cura 2.6.69. How do I use the Lay Flat command? I am trying to print a model that is vertical and should be horizontal. On the original Cura when I first got my Mini there were command boxes in the bottom left hand corner. They are not present in this version.
Below is a screen shot of my screen.

Also the Quick Print screen and its options never comes up anymore.

Its in the Rotate screen. Go down 2 more pictures
Also, the latest version is 3.2.21
Expect a firmware upgrade
Be sure to write down your E-steps and Z-offset, those values will get wiped out with the firmware upgrade.

I’m not sure what the Quick Print screen was so I can’t help you there

Joe, thanks for the help. Also if I do the firmware, where are the E-steps and Z offset?

Your E-steps should be in your documentation that was written down when they did testing. They might also be in your “Machine Settings” in Settings -> Printers -> Machine Settings. There should also be a sticker on the back of the print head assembly that tells you what your E-steps are. You can also probably obtain it from the console by sending commands to it. I do not know what that command is at this time. Perhaps somebody else can chime in and tell us. Note, if you’re using a Dual Extrusion v3 print head then there are no E-steps to worry about.

Z-offset you can get by the control panel Configuration --> Advanced Settings -> Z-offset
You can also get it from Cura by Manual Cotnrol, Connect, select Console, send command M851

[13:28:20] M851
< [13:28:21] echo:Probe Z Offset: -1.55

Hope this helps!