LayBrick .ini

New Mini user here.

Very successful getting started with the new Mini device using a big spool of black ABS filament. :mrgreen:

We also have a small spool of the Laybrick. I’m wondering if anyone could share a starter “laybrick.ini” profile text file to start with. (or is there a collection somewhere of ini files related to each common filament type? … especially those we might be getting started with from the LulzBot store.

Thanks !!


I just noticed these ini files on the devel site and will give them a look/try …

Not going to assume that this .ini will work as-is from Taz >> Mini … but a good starting point to compare.

I just learned these are called “slic3r profiles” which should help research this more.

Use these profiles on your Mini:

Here’s the Medium LayBrick Cura profile:

Happy Printing!

Thank you, Orias !