Layer adhesion problem

The 5A fuses can be found here:
Octopart listing:

Yep, that’s exactly what is looks like. Thanks.

We feel your pain. We have have all been there at some point.

Theycallmejohn, thanks for the kind words.

I got the new head up and printing, but the problem is the same as it was before too little extrusion at higher speeds. I decided to dial up the Esteps/mm until I get what was expected. The funny thing is, the more I tested with it the slower the output of the nozzle. Thinking there might be something wrong with the .35 nozzle, I decided to take it apart, clean it and check it out. I heated the nozzle up and attempted to unscrew, but as you might expect with the way this story is going, sheared off the threaded extension. sigh. Of course threaded extensions were out of stock… so now I’m waiting on another entire hotend assembly to show up (#3 now).

As a side note, I thought I’d try another hotend, and I’d been eyeing the E3D ever since someone on this forum turned me on to them. I ordered the V5 from Filastruder, but of course, I couldn’t mount the J-head style hotend straight on my extruder body, and without a working printer, no way to print an adapter. However, big kudos to Tim Elmore at filastruder!!! When I explained the problem be researched the right adapter, printed one for me, and threw it in the box with the hotend.

I also have stripped the threading off I was able to drive out to Deezmaker and get a replacement piece since Lulzbot was out at that time as well. Some spark-plug anti-seize can go along way towards preventing it in the future.

How do you like the E3D hotend? Pics?