layer consistency

Hey guys. So been printing great for a while and all of a sudden the prints are coming out kinda funny lookin. Nothing has changed and before I was getting way better surface finish.

See pics below. Printed on Taz 6 using n-gen high quality settings. Almost looks like uneven extrusion. Possibly over extrusion? Odd since nothing changed in settings haha. Any suggestions would be helpful. Results are really the same on s3d and cura. Tried pla and n-gen with similar results. Don’t think it’s z wobble as that tends to be one sided and more consistent. Belts are all tensioned correctly etc.

I feel like there’s some inconsistency between the different colors of nGen. I have had minor quality issues with some of the darker colors, especially with the Cura high quality profile. I’m not positive it’s the color, and I’ve done no real testing, but it seems to be a pattern.

Not sure about your issue, but damn I love that print. Is it available to share?

tonnes of terminator stuff on thingiverse :smiley:

Hey CJay,

It may be a couple of things that you are dealing with. One of them may be that the hot end is over extruding a bit. You can check your ESteps and see if that is the case. There is a calibration guide at I would check that first just to see.
I agree that it doesn’t look like Z wobble, but what if the X gantry is binding just a bit as it moves up the Z axis. If this is the case, you can loosen the 2 Allen head screws on each side of the X gantry. 2 are on the Z axis motor and 2 are on the Z axis idler, on opposite sides of the printer. Both go down through the conical shaped guides that the lead screws go through. Just loosen them a bit and run your next print with them slightly loose and see if it helps. This will allow less resistance on the Z axis moving up and down.
Just a possibility.