Layer separation

Hi everyone,

Any ideas on what would cause layer separation as seen in the picture? The issue was just on one side and occurred during an attempt to use HIPS as support for ABS. (Not much success so far)

I think the problem first occurred after the solid bottom layer so it might have something to do with the infill.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Most likely your cooling fan since it only blows on one side.

Things to try:

  1. In expert mode, turn off your cooling fan (This fixed my print experiencing similar issues.

  2. Experiment with part orientation on the bed.

  3. Put an enclosure over your printer to reduce the temperature gradient

  4. Use thinner layers


The above points are spot on.

If its the ABS separating, also try increasing the extrusion temps by 2-5C. The higher extrusion temps will help the layers bond… make sure to turn off cooling or turn it down as specified above.

also check for blobs of abs that stick on the current top layer. Increase retract. Since it’s one side only check the bed for level. I also consistently have over extrusion, reduce the multiplier. I print ABS at 250.

Pretty sure exposure is the issue. I considered the $400 cat guard and then made one from corrugated cardboard instead. The layers definitely adhere better, however…I warped the stock dual extruder flex plate. (240C nozzles, 110C bed) Now I have a different issue. That’s how it goes.