Layering Diagnosis?

Had to rebuild my Mini2 SL tool head and seems a long way back to beautiful prints.

Foto of print using 3D-Fuel ProPLA Snow White, 2.85

Rechecked Esteps.

Running Cura 3.6.37 w/ firm

Suggestions welcome

White is a bit hard to photo well, it overexposes easily. Since it also uses titanium dioxide as the pigment, it’s the worst to try and get good prints from.

But what I’m seeing looks like some overextrusion, but could just be some old filament.

It was old filament. Better results with some green of same type. Didn’t realize all my 2-3 year + filament is suspect.

Filament dryers are amazingly good investments. Dry your material before use, feed the material from a drybox if you’re experiencing a humid workspace/environment.

I see a lot of people trying to solve extrusion or retraction issues - many times, the material just needs to be properly dried.

Here at work, where we have the world’s largest polymer 3D printer - that’s what we do. The pellets go through drying stations before fed into the giant extruder. So, if the pellets we use need it…the filament us consumers use probably does too!

Print safe!

Have a dryer. So, maybe dry the white filament and test again.
Actually, the green filament (fresh out of bag) is not significantly better:
My Mini2 is first generation (early 2018). Maybe re-tension belts?

What layer height and width are you using?

The tiny nozzle on the SL leads to an amazing amount of force being required, so you may need to reduce the print speed or increase the heat.

3D-Fuel Pro PLA+
Layer Height: .125
Line Width: .25
Printing Temp: 230
Speeds: 40, Wall 20, Outer 15

Those all look fine. Try some cold pulls?