LCD smudge

Hi guys,

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted last. Been doing a lot of test prints and stuff on my TAZ3
I have a question-
In the image below, there is smudge over the X coord pixels. What I’ve noticed is that the thing is not there until my heat chamber builds up a nice temperature and the print last over 2 -3 hours… so could it be temperature related?

Mine was doing that as well (though not quite as bad as yours) before I got a heated chamber. Just to the left of that spot I believe is right where one of the LED’s is located. Might have something to do with it.

Hey back,
Mine has just started doing the identical screen problem as you show. The printer is not in an enclosure and shows the EXACT same thing as yours. I saw a reply mentioning LED and would have to disagree, a faulty led would show a dark spot instead of uncolored pixels. I contacted lulzbot and they recommend I send the entire printer back for them to diagnose. If you found a cure please post your remedy, I will start troubleshooting tomorrow and think I will find either a faulty LCD or LCD driver, Ill post my finding asap. When I called lulzbot the technician David downplayed my complaint saying," the screen is still legible and they would not send a replacement part, whatever the problem is since it is still legible". That left side problem occurs on all screens even the boot screen. Best Regards, Daniel

Mine has that same smudge. I think it’s just a dim spot with the backlight and how it was put together. Would probably need to redesign the whole thing to fix it. It’s present in some level in every Taz picture i’ve ever seen though. also every other printer that uses that fullgraphics LCD.

Mine does not exhibit this problem. I enclosed my TAZ, but moved the LCD to the outside.

I found this smudge to be a result of excessive heat to the lcd screen. While I do not have my printer enclosed in a heat retainer/enclosure, I have been printing in a small room that is kept at 85deg. F for better print quality (less delamination from bed and /or layers). By creating an enclosure for the printer in a non-heated room and moving the lcd controller to the exterior, I found this has completely eliminated the “smudge”. You may want to take this into consideration if you have an enclosure or print in a high temp room. A LCD gets dark in areas of excessive heat, so the extra heat generated from the rear mounted led may also contribute to the problem. Put a hair dryer an the right side and watch it do the exact same thing, better yet just trust me on this one. I remember what use to happen when I would leave my old LCD calculator in a hot car, dark screen to the point is was not legible until holding it out the window while riding down the road. So this all makes perfect sense and my display reads perfect now.

Interesting, I have the same smudge on my Taz 5. It shows even when the printer enclosure is open and the temps are low.

As I mentioned, I saw this on mine before I ever got an enclosure. So if it’s heat related it’s more likely the heat of the LED right behind that spot.

Mine also isn’t in an enclosure. I think it’s just a circuit board design flaw in the fullgraphics LCD. It’s definitly not specific to the TAZ since other printers using that same LCD have the same issue.