Lights and Camera

Anyone install LED lights or a small camera inside their enclosure or near you Mini? Kind of hard to see your work without a light and if I had a camera I could check progress on a print from my computer in my house. The printer is located in my shop next door.
James Beckham

Have done.
My spot lights sit outside the enclosure and developed a camera mount for mini2 bed.
Camera used:

Thanks for the reply and the photo and information. I also thought I saw a box to protect your filament. What kind of box is that? I know about the Polybox that Lulzbot sells but your look different.

Again thanks

The storage boxes I use for Nylon and Polycarbonate are by Katamco w/ digital humidity indicator. Perhaps over priced. You can likely build your own! It’s just a sealable container w/ loose desiccant beads in bottom and rollers to facilitate easy unspooling.

Thanks again. I have seen some videos about building them.