Long Startup Time

I’m using S3D software and I use it on my Rostock MAX v2. Now I’m using it on the TAZ 4 my work has and I noticed that the startup time takes a long time. The bed heats up, and then sits there for 10 minutes after reaching temp before heating the nozzle. Then after the nozzle is up to temp, it sits there for another 10 or so minutes before starting the print. The whole process takes about 30 minutes to start a print. Is that normal for a TAZ4? My Delta will start print right away with the temps are met.

I’m only thought at the moment is that the TAZ4 is waiting for temps to stabilize before printing. Perhaps I should uncheck the box in the S3D software and see if that makes a difference?

I’m told, by the guy that runs the TAZ4 in shop, that that is the way it has always been. He starts it, walks away and will come back 30 minutes later to see if had started running. I’m looking to reduce the time, since more then half of the start up time is not related to actually heating. Any thoughts?

Yes, uncheck that.