Looking for Help with TAZ5 Modular Printbed Update

I’m having a bad day in 3d printer land.

  1. I could / did not print the new conversion corners and centerpiece for the TAZ5 bed update before purchase (from Amazon). My bed was too horribly de-laminated. The new modular bed is functional, and I rigged it (using a nominally cut wooden dowel) to do some printing tests. The results however, are completely unsatisfactory without real precision parts to level the bed properly. I personally did not receive any parts in my order packaging.

Are there parts available somewhere on this site to buy?

  1. I also did the horrible thing and hit the “ok” button on the firmware/software update before writing down the previous values. I’ve attempted a few times to get in contact with customer service to no avail, and I no longer have my original packaging.

Is there a good set of reference values to use instead?

Thoughts on both topics appreciated.

What values are you looking for? On the Taz 5 you adjust the z height with the thumbscrew.

Yep, I’ve attempted to use the thumbscrew. My issue is that the bed itself isn’t leveled in X-Y directions without properly sized corner pieces. I can only get a very small print area to be level.

The esteps values are what I’m missing a reference for.


I believe the firmware will have a default esteps value (found with M503) and the procedure for determining the proper esteps value is well documented. It goes something like mark the incoming filament at 120mm, feed 100 mm, measure how much was actually fed, use the ratio of requested/delivered (or delivered/requested) times the current esteps to obtain the new esteps.